It's Dental Screening Day at Paradise Place

February 10, 2016

Today our kids got to participate in Dental Screening day. They got to learn from Mandi Thompson from Dr. Factor’s office about the teeth, gums, and how to take care of their own teeth. In addition they were able to receive a fluoride treatment right here at school!

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Here are some helpful facts about kids teeth and a few ways to help them keep them clean, sparkling, and cavity free. 

Make sure you have the facts about good oral health for children.
Fact: Juice has more sugar than soda.
How To Help: Child care centers can no longer provide juice, but families can still bring juice and other sugar sweetened drinks in for their children. Help families in your program understand that these drinks fuel cavity-causing bacteria. Encourage families to give children tap water at home and in school, especially between meals and at bedtime.
Fact: Cavities in baby teeth can spread to adult teeth.
How To Help: Young children’s baby teeth are vulnerable to cavities, and the damage done to baby teeth can spread to adult teeth. Use songs and activities to teach children about their teeth and how to take care of them.
Fact: Tooth decay is the most common chronic and unmet childhood disease in Colorado.
How To Help: Attend regularly scheduled dental check-ups and cleaning teach children about the importance of teeth and how to keep them healthy


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